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Bochu FSCUT 2D Cutting Production Portfolio FSG8000_B64

Bochu FSCUT 2D Cutting Production Portfolio FSG8000_B64

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The features of the Bochu FSCUT 2D Cutting Production Portfolio FSG8000_B64 are:

  • Intelligent and comprehensive solutions for 2D laser cutting power range above 10kW, widely applied in steel structure, towers and shipyards
  • The portfolio includes high power EtherCAT laser cutting controller FSCUT8000 and intelligent cutting head BLT642H, supported power up to 15kW. 
  • Stage-9 Piercing: Support ultra-thick plate piercing with better performance.
  • Smart Laser Off: Monitor the processing to smartly turn off the laser, realize a slag-free cutting with no gap.
  • Smooth Micro Joint: Realize tiny smooth Micro Joint in continuous processing, ensure both good performance and high efficiency, meanwhile unloading friendly.
  • Auto Recut: When real-time in-head sensor detects the plate was not cut through, the cutting head will automatically do recut.
  • Cutting Path Monitor: Intelligent adjustment of focus to ensure consistent cutting results over a long period of time.
  • Smart Piercing: The cutting head starts to cut immediately after piercing was done, the whole process is rather efficient.

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